The Garden

Oona Gardenia's Massive Garden, located in Idaho(?), where her husband Michael lives, loves, and laughs.

To date the garden is known to contain:

  • Herbs[1]
  • Fresh Aloe Vera Plants[1]
  • Idaho Potatoes[2]
  • A lot of Trees[2]
  • A Gravy Tree; Produces Gravy Packets[2]
  • Swings[3]
  • A Giant Bubble to Keep Germs Out[3]
  • Chickens that produce copious eggs[3]
  • Previously a cow, now meatloaf[4]
  • Almonds with little titties, for almond milk[4]
  • A Dorito Forest
  • Tulips
  • At least one abandoned windmill, partially deconstructed.
  • a Slim Jim Tree