Emmantha Madeline Indira Japanime

Emmantha being completely normal

Emmantha Madeline Indira Japanime, shortened to EmmyMadeInJapan for her youtube career, is a completely normal person who enjoys normal human food. She is not a kidnap victim forced to eat increasingly strange foods. She is not an alien from outside our plane of reality full of Non-Euclidean organs devouring our universe one strange meal at a time. She keeps bees.

Notable Meals

  • A chicken cooked in a watermelon. Safe
  • A peanut butter and jelly flavored sandwich made from slices of bread-flavored agar. Safe
  • A drink made from the juice of a mold covered fruit that tasted "medicinal". Unknown
  • Ice-cream in the shape of pieces of fried chicken. Safe
  • Jenna Marble's Corn on the Cob. Unsafe

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